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robtfitz's Staff Application

on Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:30 pm
you now me on the server maybe the reason i want to be a mod is because 1.I love your server 2.I know a lot of commands 3.i might only be 12 but i was a mod on a different server and i was pretty good i wount abuse my power if you do thank you -robtfitz some more stuff

In-Game Username: robtfitz

How long do you play on Code3Gaming?: 5 to 9 maybe 10 hours a day so far i have 155 hours on gmod all DarkRp

What staff position would you like on Code3Gaming's DarkRP server?: Moderator
Age:I am 12

Location/Time Zone:Ma, United States of America. Eastern Standard time

Why do you think you should join Code3Gaming's Staff?:i know most of the commands and i was mod on wired gaming DarkRp and when other staff are off people rdm and if i was there wouldn't:)

Do you have and use a microphone?:Yes,i do

Have you ever been banned?:No i have never been banned                                       -robtfitz
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