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Unban Request / Admin Abuse

on Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:24 pm

Recently I have been playing on this almost flawless DarkRP server and I love it. By far my favorite part was Mr Smoke.

Recently I got banned - for 2 weeks - and I think this is absurd. I mugged somebody and got killed, so I called an admin for FearRP. I did not know the server allowed it at the time and argued that it should exist with the admin and player who killed me. After the argument (which didn't even get out of hand. The guy who killed me left and when he did I called him autistic. He didn't hear that but the admin Noah the friendly thug thought I was talking to him and brought me back, froze me, and banned me for 2 weeks for "Server Disruption" and "Admin / Player disrespect" 2 weeks is insane and many admins on this server don't know how to administrate. That's being honest and I'm not saying that as an insult.

I would be fine with a 1 day ban or 2 but not 2 weeks, I love the server and I'd like a second try. I don't know why that admin got so butthurt I was just playing with the 4 friends I invited to come enjoy the server with me. I got VIP and it was awesome and 2 weeks is too long to wait.

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