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Unban for CanadianBacon because of some staff disrespect like really?

on Sun Aug 09, 2015 9:59 pm
I was playing on the server at like 3:00 in the morning yesterday and there was no one on. So I made some printers and then a staff member name papas pokemon went to me and called raid as a citizen and claimed that the head staff member said everything was legal at night. So I came back and told him that is a lie and your just doing this to get the printers and argued with him. So since he said I everything was legal right I killed him. Then 5 minutes later I get perm banned for staff disrespect. Now see this is why you don't let little kids be admins, because they abuse there powers and act like there the head of the server because they bought it. Please add me on Skype Conwell and talk to me my name is canadianbacon202 I don't know your Skype because I never payed attention to that stuff. Or just unban me if you trust me which I hope you do or any staff that reads this. UNBAN ME THIS IS BULL.
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