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JimJackJoeBob's Ban Appeal

on Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:37 pm
So, where do i start, i raided code, he abused broke nlr and rdmed me, insulted me, harassed me (Achilles can vouch for me) And he was a plain dick! Evil or Very Mad He was using his powers to jail me without proof, (Yet again Achilles can vouch) He was Kicking me for "False report" Because he knew it was true, he did abuse, he is a power hungry Hog Evil or Very Mad He used Mmonday witch is on a dif rp name to ban me for "False report" And "Disrespect to staff" Yet he disrespected me and harassed me then i fought back and it results in a ban, i say abuse. Please Unban Me.
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