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Buying another car after your fist one is jacked = NLR?

on Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:35 pm
So recently, i started playing on the server for the first time. I was an Hobo and i walked around, asking for money. I got 2 people to give me 50K each. So i decided to go buy an Car. I brought an Van and i wanted to customize it to make it look like an Pedophile Van. So i tried to place an Sign on it. As i was spawning the sign, someone gets into my van and begins to drive away. I grab the van with my physgun and the driver said that i "was in trouble". I don't get it. Hes the one in the van thats about to fly across the map and explode in a barrel of flames. So i smashed my own Van and some nerd shoots me with the fancy gun that people pay 60 dollars for on Counter Strike. I decided to come back and buy another car, and the nerd kills me again. I called the nerd an doofus, and he tells me that "I broke NLR and it was an party member in my car so im a doofus." After several attempts of trying to buy another car, this nerd mows me down. I am eventually Kicked/Banned/Removed/I dunno which from the server. I tried to explain that i was trying to buy another car but he killed me too quickly.

By the way, The nerd depicted was using the job that makes the nerd look like the Green Lantern. (The lamest superhero in my opinion)

I had an helluva time on the server. Can i get my VIP now?
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