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on Sat Feb 07, 2015 1:06 pm
A bit bigger map here are a few choices that i have gone and looked at and here is my top 5 (Favorite) cons - Foggy like apperance

Then there is the cars.. There are No cars i think it would be cool to add like an audi r8 Lambos and some ferraris etc. It would add to a roleplay aspect of you play long enough get the money and buy a real dream car! And having police cars would also be cool because as a cop you can rush to an emergency OR pull people over! Plus you could add Vip cars for supprters and staff Very Happy  Phantom is the best car pact tbh

(Peoples Dream cars)
(Textures For LW cars)

I think the guns that we have on the server are fine but there arnt that many to choose from so here is a list of my favorites (Note If there are some i put in that are already on the server i apologise i have had this written up for a while)
My favorite Guns!

More Jobs would also be nice Like

Vigalanty -Kills petty criminals in the act of Raiding/Killing other players Must advet /Vigilanty
Black Market Dealer- Sells Other items liek medkits kevlar lockpicks Things a normal gun dealer wouldnt normally carry
Gang A- Gang is is rival to Gang B may declare war on War on B as long as they accept Fight for turf
Gang B- Gang is is rival to Gang A may declare war on War on B as long as they accept Fight for turf
(A,B are just fake names)
Police Chief Runs the gov if no mayor
Swat Tac- Tac swat is the Sneaky guy of the group carrys an mp5 or a m16
Swat pointman- He is the big tough guy carrys a shotty He has somehting to break down the doors with him
Swat Leader- Controls public and the other swat He chooses whos house they raid and plans it out
Swat Sniper- The most skilled swat he is armed with a sniper of any kind and is the long ranged killer of the group
Advanced gun dealer- This gun dealer is allowed to sell guns that the regular gun dealer cannot (supporter class)
Hobo God- He is the god of hobos he roams around building bases for the hobos. He has a medkit to heal the hobos (Can only heal hobos)
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