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Mr._Biscuit™'s - Staff Application.

on Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:32 pm
IGN: Mr._Biscuit™

Age: 15

State: Wisconsin

Time zone: Pacific Time

How Long Have I Been On This Server?: Roughly a 2 weeks about 6-7 Hours a day.

What do you do when an player break NLR?: Jail for 60 second and !warn so you can see if they break NLR again.

What do you do when an player RDMed an other player?: Get both sides of the story, check out the Logs, then !warn the player for RDM.

What do you do when an player threats the server?: Keep an eye on the player and contact a Owner on the forums

What do you do when an player prop kill?: Jail the player for 120 seconds. Also Warn the player.

Do you have any experience running other RP servers?: Yes, I was super Admin on Synergy Gaming Servers before they closed and Dark Ice Servers.

Have I Ever Been Banned?: Nope, I'm Clean Baby

Have I Ever Been Kicked?: Still Clean Baby.... MY Body's Reggie.

Mic: Yes.
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