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KaBoOsE mod app

on Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:02 am
I have noticed huge amounts of mods people that pay for it abuse. And the server is hugely understaffed during the time of 6am-2pm I am on during that time and other times I am very experienced in ulx and I have been mod on devinity flood and current admin on G realms servers the only 2 clone wars rp and kingdom rp. Why would I like to be a mod I noticed that when Allah gets on he's one of the few admins that do his job and that he is flooded with help requests and I would like to let him have some time to rp so that he can play and have fun like others. What do I do for the server i am constantly on I am a regular I know the community well and I do not take any bs I'm not afraid to throw the kick and ban hammer when the crime equals it. Places I've been mod before devinity flood i retired as super admin Grealms dark rp when it was up Grealms clone wars rp current admin Grealms kingdom rp mod but going to be admin. Who can say I'm a good mod chef chubs a lot of people current staff that will say that I'm good allah I hope that you consider before the pos I have a mic and I have a 159 wpm in case it breaks I'm on every few hours and I answer mod calls when I'm not on the server I get on really fast well I hope that you consider my app thanks for your time conwell
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