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Moderator Application

on Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:04 pm
IGN: Fro Zone

Age: 14

State: Illinois

Time zone: Pacific Time

How Long Have I Been On This Server?: One year

What do you do when an player break NLR?: When a player breaks NLR I either warn or jail them for 60 seconds.

What do you do when an player RDMed an other player?: I ask for both sides of the story one at a time to see how it goes and if they did RDM I would warn them or kick them either that or ban them.

What do you do when an player threats the server?: I get proof of the person and name of him post it on forms and I would ban or IP ban him if he has alts.

What do you do when an player prop kill?: I would jail the person for 120 seconds and if it still continues I would kick or ban.

Do you have any experience running other RP servers?: Yes I had much experience I was co-owner, admin, super admin, moderator, trial mod, mod

Have I Ever Been Banned?: No I have never been ban I think of myself to be a good person.

Have I Ever Been Kicked?: No I have note been kicked ever.

Mic: Yes I do turtle beach ear force stealth 400's.
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