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on Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:47 am
Consecutive RDM on me and my friend, NLR break, building in pd lobby when raiding. (STEAM_0:0:58807650 , STEAM_0:0:144341653)and various others. Me and my friend (The Legend) Built a base near spawn, it got raided by dr.chaotix (STEAM_0:0:144341653) and we killed them, after this they continued to break nlr and raid us over and over (about 10 times). Eventually  it got to the point they were shooting me and my friend on sight. They kept on rdm'ing us over and over so we decided to be cops and arrest  them so they would stop arresting us. There was also another that they convinced that we were the RDA'ers and that they should be let go. They were let go and rdm'd us over and over. After this they started to raid pd and were building in pd with one ways (see picture). Then they just started killing me on sight for no reason. I got rdm'd about 4 times outside the pd. I did enter the pd once though although one of the people of their crew was also a swat member (I do not know his steam id) while they were raiding, he was also inside with them. And they randomly just kicked me as i am typing this for calling them a Nigger when i have not used my mic for 12 hours. Here is as much proof as i could get because my shadowplay was not working. I hope conwell or someone can deal with these jerks thanks for reading if your did... Oh and he also mugged me and gave me no time to drop money then killed me, but i can't prove this.



I literally just stood outside.

New screens of doctor killing people in spawn.

P.S. there were no admins/mods on at the time or raiding.
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