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C3 Snaketamer

on Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:34 am
Not gonna post some sob story and whatever... Bullets are nice, so I'll use bullets.

1. I was raiding
2. Snake "Countered" the raid "wasnt in a party, based with, anything.
3. Told him/her it was basically RDM and pretty BS
4. Snake then told me if I didnt like it I could leave (rude, ya think?)
5. Tried the raid again, this time recording, only to be met by Snake, again.

Attached is a video of the raid, and the "countering" again.

CONWELL I cant post links. Please PM me for the link.

1. God mode, this is the most blatant.  You see ALL kinds of blood, yet the HP never drops below 100.

2. ~00:35 Snake goes invisible and floating, I was told this could be an item, but just wanting to check on that.

TL;DR: Snake "countered" (RDM'd), disrespected me by telling me to leave because I was trying to figure out the rule about countering.  After all this she once again countered with god mode and some other things.
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Re: C3 Snaketamer

on Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:06 pm
Hello, this is the person you hate. Smile The first and second counter were perfectly justified, the first counter nothing wrong happened. The second time I did have godmode on and I kicked myself for it. You were not tolled to leave the server, I said if you do not like the server you can leave. That is a fact not an insult. The Item is called a stealth katana, try it out in sandbox.
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