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[ESC] Staff Application

on Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:48 pm
IGN(In Game Username): [ESC] AAAA (i am not able to add the card symbols such as the ace of spades)

How long do you play on Code3gaming?: Alot, I think bout 5 hours a day if i can probs more ( i have no life)

What staff position would you like on Code3gaming's DarkRp server?: Aimin for atleast MOD but maybe cause of my experience Admin.


Maturity:9/10 I can be very mature when need be, but i like to have fun just like everyone else

Location/Time Zone: UTC/GMT -5 (houston)

Why do you think you should join Code3gaming's staff?:I think I should join Code3gaming's staff because I would like to have the ability to help the server improve instead of seeing it die of hackers and other type of exploiters and jerks that might corrupt the server.

Do you have a Microphone:Yes

Have you ever been banned:No

Have you had other experience on previous servers:I have tons of experience (mostly from other variations of conwells servers) also some TTT servers.

Conclusion: I can be very useful to the team if you will take me, and i wont let you guys down Smile
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