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People who break rules when staff leave Empty People who break rules when staff leave

on Sun May 01, 2016 7:58 pm
My name is RaceSquad im always on the code3gaming dark rp server

I have a video of this incident i can't post links on here cause im a new member to the forms page so please pm me on skype or steam for the video proof link

skype name : caydenman.101

Steam name: Xgaming750

I was on the server today around 9:20Pm or 9:30Pm Central Us Time and there was a group of people who were breaking rules as soon as all the admins and people whose ranks were above that. There was 1 Moderator who was the only staff in the server that was higher than vip and he was a witness to the large group who were rdming in spawn killing moderator during a admin sit leaving to avoid ban or other severe punishments. I have some of there steam ids and names please do not unban them or anything like that. I also have video of this incident.

Here is the moderator who was on the server at the time Primary STEAM_0:1:71543922

Names of people who were breaking rules and there steam ids

1. Newtoma (STEAM_0:1:26157023)

2. ZachThePwn (STEAM_0:1:49057719)

3. Suicide (STEAM_0:1:80703757)

4. ❈AG❈ Mayoz ッ (STEAM_0:0:40725480)

5. DaBxDevil (STEAM_0:0:40963502)
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