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Staff and them not doing their job when needed Empty Staff and them not doing their job when needed

on Mon May 16, 2016 3:10 pm
Hello my name is will or Dj Sonic in game and i am a moderator on the server Play Free and when I am needing someone to be banned and there is someone that can ban people they never do their job. I have been asking all the admins on at the time of 3:07pm and no one would come and assist me. I either would appreciate to become a admin or the other staff members need to learn to do their job correctly. No admins going to 10 people spamming admin chat for help because of an mass RDMer or Prop blocker or questions they have.
We really need to tighten down on are staff because things are getting out of control and with my limited amount of power all I can do is constantly kick and voteban never works. Please have a wonderful day
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