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Admin / mod app Empty Admin / mod app

on Thu May 26, 2016 2:15 pm
Hi i would like to apply to be an admin/mod here is what im all about ...
i am a 15 yoar old canadian boy and i love gmod but more i love dark rp

How long you been with Code3Gaming : 1- 2 years i played on this server on my old account and forgot the password so now im playing on this new account

Have you been have kicks/bans/warns : 1 kick i think for something i did not do

Reason : I love playing dark rp until i run into trolls and people who dond rp and just break rules. i look forward to bringing them to justice. I will not abuse my powers as i hate other admins who do

Do you been with Axxis Gaming too? : No.

What you do when an player break NLR? : Check logs, if they Nlr and did not revenge kill, let him off with a warning. If he did revenge kill o do something retarded, like Nlr during raid, then Jail. next time, kick / ban.
What you do when an player RDMed an other player : I check the logs and if the person did RDM, I would also give him/her an warning if they have been doing it a lot then i jail / kick / ban.

What you do when an player threats the server : Call Higher Rank Admin.

What you do when an player prop kill? :Sit, ask , and check logs. Then if he lies, kick, if he doesnt, Jail. if he has a record of that then a ban

What if you see someone telling the ECON Password :gag / kick, then ask admin to possible ban.

What if you see an illegal base? : Sit, then ask him to delete, if he dosnt then i will delete it myself.

What if you see someone disrespecting an admin in OOC : I would mute/gags him, He does it again, He gets kicked.

What if you see someone using something that can be only used by admins : ask them how they got it then to drop it if not i will slay / kick
my steam id is STEAM_0:0:156065201 you can add me on steam if you would like to further this application for admin / mod thanks : )
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