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YellowHawk's Admin Application.

on Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:32 am
IGN : YellowHawk

How long you been with Code3Gaming : Since Axxisgaming, I was a super admin so about 2 or 3 years. (2013)

Have you been have kicks/bans/warns : No, I do not.

Reason : I used to previously be an admin on the server, many a time ago. I donated alot of money to the server, but it went down after some time, and I believe it came back up in 2015 or 2014. Alot of people considered me as the "best admin" because I was always friendly. I enjoy helping players, it doesn't aggrivate me at all. I also want to make some new friends, and just get back to the server, like old days.

Will I abuse my powers : Obviously not, I was a previous admin and I know how to handle a situation without having to abuse my powers.

Do you been with Axxis Gaming too? : Yes!

What you do when an player break NLR? : When a player breaks NLR, They may be going back to make sure the opponent doesn't steal their things. I'm going to bring the killer, and the person who died. If he died by a raid, I will jail him for about 60 seconds, just so he can learn his lesson. If it was to revenge rdm, I will kick him and when he's back, jail him until he can tell me what he did wrong and that he's sorry..

What you do when an player threats the server : If he is threatning to ddos the server, or any other player, I will mute him, then permanently ban him until a higher-up can get on. I will tell him what happened and see what he wants to do about it.

What you do when an player prop kill? : If the player who got prop killed has evidence of it, I will look at it. If its true, I will give him a ban for about 6 hours. Hopefully by then he can learn the rules better and come back a much better player. I don't believe in 7 day bans for petty things. That's for big stuff. I'll check the logs to see what prop he spawned and what the person says he got killed with. If it matches up, ill ban him.

What if you see someone telling the ECON Password : I'll wipe the chat (if thats possible) mute him, then kick him from the server and I will tell conwell he needs to change it asap, and also contact a higher up to get on and assist, see how he might have gotten the password so we can fix it from happening again.

What if you see an illegal base? : I'll go to the player and I'll tell him that his base isn't allowed and he needs to fix it. I will make sure no one raids him while it's happening that way I can get everything fixed. I'll tell him to make sure he reads the rules again, so that it cant happen again, and a small 30 second jail.

What if you see someone using something that can be only used by admins : I'll tell him to make sure he gets rid of it, or I will kick him from the server. I'll ask him how he got it so I can tell conwell to get it fixed.'

Extra Info About me:
My Age: I am 13 years old.
Microphone: High quality microphone.
State: Michigan
Previous Super-Admin on Axxis and Moderator on PlayFreeRP
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Re: YellowHawk's Admin Application.

on Tue Sep 06, 2016 6:02 pm
We Do Not Accept Applications On This Server Thank You And Goodbye.
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