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Abuse Report Application Format Empty Abuse Report Application Format

on Sun Oct 02, 2016 7:02 am
This Format is for people that would like to report abuse on a staff people or donator. Please follow the following questions and answer them correctly.(Make Sure To Copy The Questions And Make A New Topic)
|WARNING| If You Make Any Kind Of False Report On A Staff Member And Caught You Will Be Seriously Punished!!

Copy The Following Below And Make A New Topic, Answer The Questions Correctly, Then Post.
1. What Is Your Username On Steam:

2. What Is Your Username On The Server:

3. What Is Your SteamID:

4. What Is The Username Of The Abuser:

5. What Is The SteamID Of The Abuser:

6. What List The Following Rules The Abuser Broke Or Abused:

7. Do You Have Any Proof Of This (Screenshots,Video,Staff Witnesses):

8. Any Following Statements You Would Like To Add Or Anything You Would Like To Add:

Thank You For Applying A Application For Reporting Abuse On The Server  Very Happy
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