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on Mon Nov 14, 2016 4:01 am
How long you been with Code3Gaming : About 300 hours but i lost my other steam, RIP.

Have you been have kicks/bans/warns : 1 kick for something I did not do.

Reason you want to be staff : I love gmod darkrp, but its just to often that i see trolls and minges ruin my/other peoples experience. i want to be staff to stop all of that. there are alot of those people. some are ok but some take it way to far like mass RDM and Exploit. I am constantly online and on duty. If someone breaks the rules im not going to immediately ban/jail the person i bring the two people to the sit ask them what happened take both of their stories and if the person did rdm i say ok i return the victim and i give the RDM'r a chance. i dont like to be a asshole to the c3 community.

Have you been with Axxis Gaming too? : No.

What do you do when an player break NLR? : I would Check the logs, and if they did nlr but didnt revenge kill I would let him off with a chance. If they did revenge kill, I would then jail.

What would you do when an player RDMed an other player : I'd check the logs and get both of their stories, If the rdmer never got in trouble I would give them a Chance, and if they always get in trouble I would jail

What you do when an player threats the server : If the threat is for DDOS if I can perma ban I will perma ban them, and if I cant I would call a higher rank admin to perma ban, because that is just wrong even if they can't DDOS the server.

What you do when a player prop kills? : I would take the victim and the prop killer to a sit and if he confesses to prop kill i would give them a chance, but if he doesnt I would jail/kick.

What if you see someone telling the ECON Password : I would gag or kick them, then I would ask a admin to ban them.

What if you see an illegal base? : I will ask the person to delete the base, and if he does not comply I will remove it myself.

What if you see someone disrespecting an admin in OOC : I would mute/gags him, if does it again I would warn the person.

What if you see someone using something that can be only used by admins : I would ask them kindly drop it, and if they say no I would slay them or kick them.

lol! lol!\\
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