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Ive Been Banned for no reson Empty Ive Been Banned for no reson

on Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:17 pm
ive been perma banned off the server by soda for staff dis. just because i muted him (in the tab menu) because he told me i should go kill my self and also he falsy kicked me cause i was making a bomb out of gas and then he came to me and said this will lag so i blew it up then he kicked so i was like oh ok that makes sense then i saw why he kicked me, he kicked me for not listening to a higher rank, so i ask him why he kicked me and he said " because you should off let the admin handle it because i told you before you blew it up" but he never said that so i said that and then i said you falsy kicked me then he kicked me again. then i came back on and i was sad cause i didnt know admin are supposted to acted like that so i wrote in chat "dont you just hate your self sometimes" then he put "fuck off shaggy dont go their so just shut the fuck up" then i got mad and then i put "fuck off i wasnt talking to you" then he tped to me and told me to go kill myself a lot of times to i told him i muted him and just walked away ( we wernt in a sit) then he perma banned me for staff dis and i have screen shots and here they are
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Ive Been Banned for no reson Empty Re: Ive Been Banned for no reson

on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:37 pm
Accepted We Dealed With Your Problem We Trust Our Loyal Staff. Thank You For Reporting
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