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EraTV's Staff App

on Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:12 pm
In Game Name: EraTV


What Staff Position Am I Applying For: Co-Owner Or Lower

Why I Want To Be Apart Of The Staff Team: There are many reason why I want this rank firstly I love the community of this server , I have been playing this server for 1 day(s) now and it is the first server I genuinely played factions on. Furthermore, I believe that I'm qualified for staff since I believe that I can offer a great contribution to the community. Helping out any confused player is my main priority. Second of all I want keep this server an enjoyable community by helping lower the number of players using a client to get an advantage to the game. I genuinely hate seeing players get frustrated over this. I will dedicate most my time to paying attention to chat, and staying at PvP zones to watch for players getting an advantage as well as keeping playing at a minimal. The last thing i would like to add is I want to keep seeing this server become a successful server I want to keep seeing it get bigger and bigger every little bit. I am very mature and i have lots of dedication to the game same with helping any player I am on for long periods of time to help out the community.

How Long I've Played On The Server: For 1 day!

How I Will Benefit The Server: I can assist this by helping the community for many different reasons. To start off I can monitor The Chat/Players for long periods of time while enjoying the game. I am familiar with the all the in-game rules. As helper I would dedicate most of my time in game paying close attention to chat and players, while having my recording/screenshot software's open, As stated above "helping out any confused player is my main priority" I will answer anyone who Pm's me a question if i don't have and answer right I would try my best to find one, if it comes to the point were I cant find and answer I would hop on TS and ask a higher staff member. I will try my best to keep the community happy and help out as much as I can. I would help any player even if its a fellow staff member I would take time and explain to them what to do.

Thank you for reading

-EraTV cheers
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