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Admin Abuse Empty Admin Abuse

on Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:10 pm
1. What Is Your Username On Steam:
Bruce Dickenson

2. What Is Your Username On The Server:

Bruce Dickenson

3. What Is Your SteamID:

4. What Is The Username Of The Abuser:

5. What Is The SteamID Of The Abuser:
Do not know

6. What List The Following Rules The Abuser Broke Or Abused:

False ban

7. Do You Have Any Proof Of This (Screenshots,Video,Staff Witnesses):
I don't have a screenshot or video, but one of the reasons in my kick message was mass RDM. You can check my kill count from my last session. I was building a base for almost 2 hours and my kill count was zero. Impossible for Mass RDM to be true. I was building with my friend that went by "Steve Masters" at the time (he since changed his rp name to avoid getting more abuse) and he can corroborate the whole thing, especially since it mainly involved him anyway (but he didn't do anything wrong either)

8. Any Following Statements You Would Like To Add Or Anything You Would Like To Add:

So, here's what happened and why this is so wrong. Me and Steve were building a base (building sign was out front the whole time). Thats what we do. We build and defend when we're not hanging out. About an hour into our build a guy by the name of "CHASEC23" starts harassing us from outside the base. We asked him to leave many times, but he kept coming back and being a minge. He kept saying that we were taking too long and that the building sign was useless at this point. So, he lock picks the front door and the two fading doors into our base. We told him to leave , but he wouldn't.

Steve Masters then sent a message to the admins about what was happening. By the time LogicZ responded, CHASEC23 had already left our base. During the sit, he lied to logicZ saying that he never entered our base. CHASEC23's friend was brought into the sit and lied about it as well (he never entered the base, though). LogicZ said that since I didn't have proof, it was he-said-she-said and did nothing but put us back down, so we went back to building. CHASEC23 and his friend waited outside our base and when STEVE MASTERS went back out to check that the windows were properly blocked off, CHASEC23 immediately tried to mug STEVE and STEVE told him that 1) he was literally right outside of his base and 2) a building sign was up, so an attempt to mug is failrp and against the rules. CHASEC23 then killed STEVE.

STEVE called for an admin again and LogicZ shows up. LogicZ takes STEVE and CHASEC23 into a sit and STEVE tells LogicZ that CHASEC23 RDMd him becasue it was not a legit mug. CHASEC23 just says that he did an advert mug so it was legit. LogicZ checks the logs and see that CHASEC23 did indeed advert mug and from that point LogicZ just keeps saying that STEVE is lying and wont listen to STEVE or ME at that point. He Jails STEVE.

Then after STEVE gets out of jail, CHASEC23 and his friend decide to build a base right next door to us, obviously to keep harrassing/minging us, so we both logged off for a while. About 10 minutes later, we log back in and start to build a base elsewhere on the map. About 10 minutes into that build, LogicZ shows up. I asked him whats up, but he wouldn't answer me, then I got kicked for mass RDM, namechange, disconnecting to avoid a sit. All of that was totally BS.

My take, and I could be wrong, is that CHASEC23 is friends with LogicZ and LogicZ was letting them get away with whatever they wanted. We were being peaceful and respectful just building and LogicZ wouldn't listen to us at all, but he listened to the harassing minges, no questions asked. Very suspicious.

We all really like your server. There are a lot of cool people there and many good times to be had. However, if you stand by my ban and the actions of LogicZ, then me and my friends will happily spend our time on other servers building cool bases for people to raid. We are a group of people helping to make the DarkRP community better. We want to play and have fun. Having mods defending minges, is so offputting. We spent days leveling up our characters so that we could defend and raid properly, then one guy defending some minges just wipes all of that away. Totally unacceptable behavior.

I'm respectfully requesting that my false ban be revoked and some kind of explanation is provided as to why LogicZ did that, becasue like I said before I can at the very least prove that I did not mass RDM (check my kill count), I didn't name change that day (easy to verify) and when I disconnected, I wasn't in a sit.

Thanks for your consideration.
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Admin Abuse Empty Re: Admin Abuse

on Fri Dec 30, 2016 9:37 am
Hey SavagePanda,

Hey man, no worries on un-banning me or anything like that. I talked it over with my mates and we all decided that it's best if we just find another server to build on. It's just not worth it to us to risk our game sessions & progress so that some nitwit who paid $25 for Moderator status can let his friends harass and troll us relentlessly. We play darkrp to build cool stuff, make friends and have a good time, not to be bullied by the very people who are supposed to be ensuring that those kinds of things don't happen. It's a shame to, because your server is pretty cool, you have a fun player base and for the most part your admins are doing a great job. We just refuse to get treated like dog shit when we're spending hours peacefully building cool bases for people to raid.

Best wishes in the future mate.


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Admin Abuse Empty Re: Admin Abuse

on Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:55 am
Dude if Mods are snitching then just call for another Mod/Admin I'm a mod and i hate it when people treat me like horse shit so yeah have a good day and btw when did you get the time to do number 8 like did you really hate Logiz but once you get to know him he is a nice dude so yeah I'm gone cya -SkyPort
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