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DoxFox - Staff Application: Moderator

on Sun May 10, 2015 5:03 pm
IGN: DoxFox

Age: 19

State: N/A

Time zone: Pacific Time

How Long Have I Been On This Server?: Roughly a week with 6-8 Hours a day and growing.

What do you do when an player break NLR?: Jail for 60 seconds, tell them to read the !motd if they haven't, Then a !warn to keep track of them if they break NLR again.

What do you do when an player RDMed an other player?: Get both sides of the story, evaluate the evidence with the Logs, then !warn the player for RDM if they in-fact did.

What do you do when an player threats the server?: I record 24/7, I would keep the threat recorded and(or) take a screenshot of the threat to keep. Then Permban them with a link to the forums if they wish to appeal their ban. 0 Tolerance for threats on the server.

What do you do when an player prop kill?: Jail the player for 120 seconds, !warn the prop killer, then formally apologize the player who was propkilled. If this continued it would be a 5 Day ban.

Do you have any experience running other RP servers?: Yes, many. I have Coded, Co-owned, Owned, Moderated, Admin'd, Staff Managed. You name it. I am fluent in ULX and Logs, I also know my way around programming the servers if I notice any bugs, I'll know how to fix them for the time being.

Have I Ever Been Banned?: Justly, No. Each ban I have received always resulted in an un-ban and even a demotion of a Moderator at one point.

Have I Ever Been Kicked?: Yes, I was accused of, "Making DDoS threats" by another player. It turned out to be fake and the player was banned. The Mod apologized to me thoroughly.

Mic:Yes. :^)
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Re: DoxFox - Staff Application: Moderator

on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:19 am
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