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Ha4ckU's Staff application

on Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:50 pm
In-game name: AptImaHa4ckUuUU (soon will be Ha4ckU)

Age: 13

Country and Timezone: Australia (UTC +10:00)

Are you familiar with the current server rules?: Yes, I am

Have you had any past experience as a staff member, and if so how many times have you been staff on different servers?: Yes I have had experience on a few servers before even hosting my own successful one, which died recently, Server names:
Revelationsz (Mine)
Minefacmc (Mod)
AssassinsPrison (Head Admin / Dev)

A bit about you and your personality: I am funny, responsible, mature, kind and a bit aussie, lol

What are your skills and experiences with Minecraft: I am good at pvp and base raiding, I can also do parkour very well, I am OK at building but I could get better (Don't want to apply as a builder)

What makes you believe you're capable of being a staff member: I believe I am capable of bringing joy, happiness and a good vibe to this server by welcoming new members and, helping them will all my wit.

Extra: Hi I am Oscar and I am 13 years of age I have been playing minecraft for 7-8 years now.
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