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Icy_SodaPop's Aplication for staff

on Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:24 pm
Ingame Name: Icy SodaPop

Age:15 almost 16

What Staff Rank are you Applying For: Mod

Do you Have a Microphone: Yes

Why Do you want to be Staff: The reason i want to be staff is that so when people need help i will help them i know as much as anyone else its hard to keep up with every one and i think i would be a good addition to the team. As well i can make the server a better place to play DarkRP with less R.D.M'ers and fail RP people.

How Often Can you Be On The Server: I can be on this server 3-6 times a week from 4-8

What Makes you unique to all of the other Staff: I've been just about in every situation known to DarkRP and i think with that knowlage i can make a difference.

Do you Have Experience with Being Staff: Yes some experience being staff I've hosted my own Garry's mod server with a couple of random people but not at this size but saying that i think i can handle it.

Thx you for Reading my application! Very Happy
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