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Ban appeal/staff false ban report (kaleb_850)

on Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:57 pm
So I was on the server, i saw a link in chat that C3 Daddy was abusing, so I teleported to him and watched the video, I coudl hardly even see what was going on but i let them talk it out and become friends, ryan joins in and makes it a bigger deal than it already was, so at the heat of the moment things were settling but we all started putting faces like the gaben face and garry face and he muted us, he gave a warning but i did it like 4 times, actually 4 times in counting and it wasn't spam wise some of it was broken up in chat, so ryan muted me and i unmuted myself to tell him like, hey that's not right, I wasn't doing anything against the rules or whatever and so then a couple mins later it died off, i started roleplaying and 30 mins later i get pulled in a sit with all of us but prince was there and he said i was breaking a rule by unmuting myself and it was me, c3 daddy and john blaine, and by the way john blaine has the video that i will put in here. So all three of us were against ryan and said he was abusing by muting all of us and then about 2 mins later i get a ban message from c3 the prince, for 4 false reasons, I dont have it copied but you can see it in the ban logs or wwhatever, so i got banned for 2 days for the following reasons "Abuse | lying to staff | spamming chat | multiple witnesse" im sitting there like what the hell? i didnt do hardly any of that so I was mad, I've been bannned for half of the day i could have been playing and now im reporting him hoping for him to lose his rank because that ban was false and uneccessary. I hope a higher up a.k.a Conwell reads this and watches the video, here is that link!

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Re: Ban appeal/staff false ban report (kaleb_850)

on Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:29 am
Your ban was not false you did spam, even if it breaks up you are still repeating the same thing over and over, you also unmuted yourself which you should never do if a higher up did so to prevent you from doing something against the rules. ALSO PLEASE FOLLOW THE CORRECT FORMATTING
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