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on Mon May 18, 2015 3:33 pm
Real Name:
In Game Name:
Baby Face's Blaster
Steam Name:
Baby Face's Blaster
Steam ID:
Steam Profile Link:
Time zone:
Central Time
Why do you want to be a moderator/admin on This DarkRP Server?:
I would like to become a mod, Because i would help out with sits, Answer questions, and help out with the Server if there is any problem i could Help
What can you do to help our community?:
I am a very responsible person, i wanna help make the server a better place,im funny but i can be serious when i need to be, and i will try to do what i can to help benefit the server and its players and I believe that i can help with order in the server when no Moderators or Admins are on such as early morning when the server dies down. I also believe i can help out with people that have questions and problems with another player and/or Script issues.
Have you been/are staff on any servers?:
ObliviousRP but got Demoted For not being on because school
How long have you played Gmod "DarkRP"?:

244 hrs
Questions Section:

What is RDM? Explain. :
RDM stands for Random Death Match, Which is Killing another player without a good reason or any reason.
What is NLR? Explain. :
NLR stands for New Life Rule, Which means if you die in anyways you forget everything about your past life (last you were alive) Due to the NLR rule you may not go back to where you died for 3 minutes and/or kill someone that what killed you (Revenge RDM) Nor will you remember the people or anything related to your death.
What is Meta-Game?:
Meta-Game is when you use out-of-character(OOC) information in an In-Character, (IC or basic Roleplaying) That may give you an advantage over another player.
What is minge? Explain.
Minge is a person who joins a server to troll and/or cause chaos to the server and its players for their own amusement.
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Re: Application

on Mon May 18, 2015 4:52 pm
i would like to apply for a moderater cause i feel like i inforce the rules very well and i dont cause trouble also i know alot about the rules and usually report anyone not following the rules.
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