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InsaneBF's Staff Application for Respected

on Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:36 am



About a year?

I speak English

Random Death Match= Killing someone with no reason or purpose. (Shooting E.G a citizen randomly)

New Life Rule= When you die you can not return to the location you died at for 3 minutes. (When raiding a base and the guy who owns the base dies, he can not return to the base before the 3 minutes are over. And other way around)

Metagaming= typing buisness related stuff in OOC (E.G typing in OOC, selling uranium 100k!)

I would handle the first case in the following way: First i would ask player x where he was killed by player y (if the death location of player x is a base i would try and find out if it was a raid.) then i would ask player y why he killed player x. If it turns out to be a raid i would tell player x that player y had been raiding him, though if it turns out the kill was just RDM i would warn player y for RDM.

Handling the second case: i would find out both of the locations. Then i would find out why player x killed player y. if the locations match i would warn player y for breaking NLR. If it turns out that the kills were RDM i would warn player x for RDM.

Handling the third case: I would tell the banker to not/stop Metagaming and warn the banker if he/she keeps on doing it.

why would should i be chosen? Well by now i kind of want to try something else than RP here on Play Free Vip Also i am quite an "early bird" (waking up sometimes at 7:30 in the morning) and i realised not so much staff is online at those times of the day. Also i would like to help the server and the players. I also like the old Play Free vip map (server 2) which i think sometimes lack a little staff. In my opinion events are funny but i would also like to try and host/experience them in a new way. I have never been mod/admin on anything before so i would like to try it on my favourite Gmod server Smile.

Thanks for reading
-InsaneBF Very Happy
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