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I was Banned by Primal for no reason/Unban Request Empty I was Banned by Primal for no reason/Unban Request

on Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:24 am
Hello, my steam name is kowalskytrevor, I bought the Admin Rank because it is fun to help people. But recently I was banned by Primal for no reason. I'm still new with the server, I have read the rules now so I know them. I didn't see anything on there about when you cant spawn a Jukebox for someone for their business. But this is what happened, I spawned a Jukebox for someone and someone tried to kill me(Primal). Then someone else tried to kill me then Primal spawns back and currently, I had my gun out because someone was shooting and the person was trying to kill so I tried to kill him to protect my self. Then he spawns to me and Cages me and says that I Abuse. I'm not sure how I abused. All I did that might have been wrong was spawn a Jukebox for a guy, but after that, he bans me. Also, it doesn't say how long so I'm assuming it was a Perm. Can you please unban because I was banned for no reason.
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