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Moderator Application

on Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:59 am
What rank: Moderator

Why: I would like to become a mod because I Want to help out the community from Abusers prop blockers/killers i will try my best to help out and i will make sure that this sever is fun for everyone to play on

My Experience: I have alot of experiences because alot of my friends Own severs that they trust me on and i get staff and help them out alot im very trustworthy and im really kind to others

How long can I be on: Usually around 4pm to 6pm on monday tuesday,etc on saturday i play from 6:30Am to 11 Pm


Have I been a staff yes: I have been staff on very many severs because im a really good staff i dont abuse and im kinda and dont like to Do anything to break sever etc.

In game name: Nato
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