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Lightsabers w/ additions [Server Suggestion]

on Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:57 pm
I've been recently told that Lightsabers used to be an addon included in Play Free RP a long time ago, though they were apparently removed for either being too OP or they were annoying (Not sure which reason).
Well imo they are only a shadow of what they used to be these days, now they have animation mods that balance the swing speed, and lots of different hilts with an almost infinite amount of customization.

All of these addons combined would make a great addition to the server imo:

These Lightsaber addons include the animations that slow down the swing speed; balancing the Lightsaber weapon itself making it less annoying, but also more rewarding and fun to use.
Please add the Lightsaber back including these additions; it would be a lot of fun. jocolor
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