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Unban Appeal Empty Unban Appeal

on Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:00 pm
I woke up one morning and decided to play some free rp and i joined the server to find that rashawn was also playing on the server and i decided i was going to go to him and talk about the fact that u are able to spawn in op weapons as a staff member when talking about this i used the ragin bull as my example that u can spawn in weapons and so when i was done with it i droped the weapon for him to confinscate it and i changed to my joker class when i did this he said "just use it its only one life" So him being a higher staff memeber i thought well if its fine with him he his my higher up so i picked it up and walked off and we were just standing around and i was talking to him and telling him that i dont want to get banned for useing this and at that moment he took a screen shot of this insident and i am very curious to why it takes him 4 mounths to report somthing he told me to do and then i get banned for 5 days i feel like if it took 4 mounths to report this that it should already have been delt with if it was such a big deal i did not kill people i disposed of the weapon directly after he took a screen shot and i finished telling him why i do not want to use it for the consiquenses if u do feel i need to stay banned for what i have done i am alright with that but like i said if he wanted it done he could ave taken care of it himself he is a co owner Evil or Very Mad
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Unban Appeal Empty Re: Unban Appeal

on Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:03 pm
Ban Appeal Accepted
Of course your claims will not be taken in, but the fact this happened months ago and never reported is a very good question. Because this is your first time getting in trouble on behavior like this you will be unbanned within the next 48 Hours.
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