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Animemans Staff app

on Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:01 am
in Game Name: Wood

Age: 13

What Staff Position Am I Applying For: Trial-Moderator (Or beginning rank)

Why I Want To Be Apart Of The Staff Team: I want to be apart becuase i feel if u guys hierd mw i would be the best trial mod ever i know evry singke command and i see alot of trolls come on the server and i would like to help with that
How Long I've Played On The Server: 3-9

How I Will Benefit The Server: I will help in anyway i can by helping the Players and make there time here the greatest server experiance ever. Also I rlly want to help the server grow and get rid of trolls, because i have seen alot of trolling and i would like to help
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