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my staff app

on Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:40 am
Ingame Name: Autistic tootsi


What Staff Rank are you Applying For: Whatever yall give me

Do you Have a Microphone: Yes I do but its not that good

Why Do you want to be Staff: The reason I want to become staff on this server is so that I can prevent any harm to the server as fast as possible. Also when i joined people are mass rdming and i wanna help get rid of this

How Often Can you Be On The Server: I Can Be on the server from Monday to Friday 3 to 10, Sunday and sunday all day

What Makes you unique to all of the other Staff: what makes me unique from the other staff is im really mature for my age (14), i am a very calm person/ and during admin/mod sits, i am a very trustworthy person you can always count on me.i will not take sides in sits.

Do you Have Experience with Being Staff: Yes I have alot of experience being staff i've been through almost all of the ranks besides owner and dev
Extra Information: i recently quit another server to join yours and help

Thx you for Reading my application:)
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