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on Mon May 25, 2015 9:38 am
Real Name: John Wegner
Steam Name: [DFS] Foxy The Swag Fox
Age: 14 will be 15 in December
If there was an RDMer i would: First make sure i am in god then, depending on how many people he killed, serve out the appropriate punishment.
If someone broke NLR once: I would warn them verbaly, probably saying, "Excuse me, but you are breaking NLR, NLR is New Life Rule, when you die you cannot return to your location of death for a certain period of time, next time i may have to kick you."
If someone had an illegal base: Go to the person and say what was wrong with their base and ask for them to fix it otherwise i would kick them
Have you been staff on any other server?: I have been staff on... well Deep Fried Servers, thus, the name. I am the owner's Favorite for how funny i can be at times. but i can also be a little to serious compared to him!
Other: I have a social disorder but i am very Smart, at the same time i can be lazy though i am avalible on weekends and most likely during the summer, i am currently, and obviously, VIP.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Have a nice Summer! sunny i sure will!
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