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Application for suuuuperadmin (oooooooooo)

on Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:46 am
In game Name: jeeeeeeeeeff


What Staff Rank are you Applying For: Super admin

Do you Have a Microphone: Yes (Blue Snowball)

Why Do you want to be Staff: I've Been an admin for a little bit and i have no clue why but people actually like me, becoming higher is cool and stuff and it would be cool if i was higher i guess. also i like helping out and getting rid of the bad people

How Often Can you Be On The Server: Almost every day (every other weekend i'm busy, 2/14 days)

What Makes you unique to all of the other Staff: pretty epic memer, i like having fun but i know limits when it comes to dealing with sits. im also informal, which i guess makes me a cool guy to talk to

Do you Have Experience with Being Staff: I've been an admin on my friends server for a long time until he had to shut it down due to money problems and I've been an admin a little bit on this server
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