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BOT Monster's Fourm

on Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:07 pm
[In Game Name]
BOT Monster
[Rank]:I have
Respected I want mod or admin
Eastern Standard Time (EST)
[Age] 16
[How long have you been playing Code3Gaming]
About 3 months

[Kik]:Yes [Joshie Ggggggg]

[About how long are you able to play on the server each day/week]

[Sunday] 6pm-11pm
[Monday] 6pm-10pm
[Tuesday] Whenever
[Wednesday] 6pm-11pm
[Thursday] 6pm-11pm
[Friday] Whenever
[Saturday] All the time

[Why do you want to become a helper?]I Feel like I would be a good staff member because,I have been respected for quite a while.I Have never been nothing higher than respected on Code3 but on other servers VIP is the highest.I Really want to join the Code3 staff members because,I Really like helping other people and if someone was one of my family members lets say my brother if he RDM more than one time I would kick him if he joined back I would ban for a day.If A troller joined the server first I would jail for 120 seconds then if they done it again I was gonna kick them if they done it a third time I would ban them for 5days.If there was a hacker and he was threating the server saying "ima DDOS the server" that's a perma ban no warnings.I Think I would be a realy good staff.

Sincerely,BOT Monster8/12/17
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