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Perminate Ban

on Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:12 pm
Username On Steam:

2. Username In Game:

3. Username Of Staff Member That Banned You:
C3 Malcolm

4. Their Steam ID:
Could not find

5. Your Steam ID:

6. Reason Of Ban:
I was doing my job as staff and jailed a moderator who RDMed in spawn. Malcolm keep's unjailing this buy cause he is his buddy. He RDM again and I do my job as admin and jailed him. He unjailed himself to go on duty but he did nothing when he unjailed himself. Malcolm rdmes people in spawn for no reason and got away with it. His buddy does the same and I jailed him. I got jailed for false jail and Malcolm player disrespected 2 people. I get perma banned for saving the server from almost crashing 2 days ago and he abused his powers.

7. How Long Were You Banned:
3D 20H 50M

8. Why Should We Unban You Or Why Do You Believe Your Ban Was False:
You can ask my friend cause he got the same happened to him.

9.Any Proof Showing Your Ban Was False:
Ask my friend

10. Anything Else You Would Like To Add To Support Your Application

Thank You For Making A Application A Staff Member Will Respond Soon.
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