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Urban application  Empty Urban application

on Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:38 pm
Hello My Name Is Andrew or Nomicis know on the server i was perma banned by Heavenly. let me tell u what happened i was on duty helping someone then i got a report that this gang of hobos were rdming next to spawn. so i went to then and jailed one that i saw just rdm. soon after Heavenly took me and banned me perma for staff abuse so how do deal with this. i would like to be unbanned and have heavenly banned or demoted to a much lower rank. he right now has a rank of almost owner. my history with him has been very bad. back in 2016 i nlr and i saw that i was in the wrong. when i did that he banned me for (these is what was on the ban) Fu*king N*gger go kill your self u 5 year old B*tch. and i was banned for 3 months so i want something to be done Thanks staff supervisor Nomicics or Andrew
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