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mod or admin apply please admin

on Wed May 27, 2015 12:01 pm
In-Game Username: pathole

How long do you play on Code3Gaming?: 5+ hours a day.

What staff position would you like on Code3Gaming's DarkRP server?: Starting off as a Moderator or admin would be great. It would allow me to get used to the tools and powers I have access to.

Age: 16 years old.

Location/Time Zone: norway (east)time sone

W)hy do you think you should join Code3Gaming's Staff?: I would like to be a Code3Gaming Staff member to help the community grow to it's fullest. I see a lot of further potential on this gameserver, and with my help, it can happen. I have past training in Staff positions, as I have been a Staff member on other communities. I am very mature on the servers, and I act professionally at all times. I also have a lot of spare time that can be used to help these servers grow.

Do you have and use a microphone?: Yes.

Have you ever been banned?:no
Have you had other experience on previous servers?: Yes, I have been a Staff member on other servers.

Thank you.
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