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Staff application Empty Staff application

on Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:40 pm
IGN: Cartel PVT Wolf

How long do you play on Code3gaming?: depends on the day but I would say maybe 1/2 hrs a day if I have the time

What staff position would you like on Code3gaming's DarkRp server?: I would like Moderator or Admin

Age: 13

Maturity: 5.5

Location/Time Zone: Im in the central timezone in the state of Kansas

Why do you think you should join Code3gaming's staff?: I think I should join so I can help the server out by banning hackers and other exploiters also by looking for bugs, another reason is because im a very friendly person that is willing to help with anything

Do you have a Microphone: Of course

Have you ever been banned: Yes on a few other servers but i was younger and stupid

Have you had other experience on previous servers: Yes i was admin on a server called Anonomous Gaming before it shut down
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