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PlayFreeRp abuseing Admin Threats AND Gets people to false report me

on Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:13 pm
Hello, Conwell or boobie , see I banned and demoted Litz and he threats saying I will get Conwell on to ban you , your abuseing , when he was abuseing his friend in RP Land and 13 users got offline and reported him in @ chat , this is not ok he is not setting a example for the future mods and users , he is also not giving two fucks about what I am saying he said he will get 6 friends to report you so you can be gone and demoted Rolling Eyes  , like honestly this kid doesn't care I bought him is rank and I pranked him and he didn't take the joke so he told everyone I false banned him cause of him not giving me his fortnite / Evil or Very Mad  this kid has abused and has gotten so many reports ,  Thank you Cya Guys later Very Happy  

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