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Staff Application

on Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:33 am
In-Game Username: Limbro

How long do you play on Code3Gaming?: On average 7-9 hours late nights and early mornings.

What staff position would you like on Code3Gaming's DarkRP server?: Moderator or Admin

Age: 21 years old.

Location/Time Zone: Kentucky, USA, Eastern Time

Why do you think you should join Code3Gaming's Staff?: I have a decent amount of experience staffing DarkRP servers, and during times when it gets really cluttered I would like to help take off some of the load from the other staff members when there are influxes of trolls and trouble makers to help keep the server orderly and fun for all the legitimate Roleplayers here. Especially during the night.

Do you have and use a microphone?: Yes.

Have you ever been banned?: No.
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