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Staff Application Holy

on Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:18 pm
How long you been with Code3Gaming : About a week for 6-7+ hours a day

Have you been have kicks/bans/warns : No

Reason : This is one of the best servers out there! The staff is real chill just for a few people. I have been staff on 1 TTT server, and 1 RP server. I love to help people out all the time, and I'm real friendly. I also like to solve, and fix problems

Will I abuse my powers : Never in a million years because me being staff is like an actual job

Do you been with Axxis Gaming too? : Pretty sure.

What you do when an player break NLR? : When they break NLR I would give them a warning, and if they did it a second time I would kick them.

What you do when an player RDMed an other player : I would give them a warning with no doubts. If it was a mass RDM I would temp ban them for a week.

What you do when an player threats the server : I would make sure they get banned can't have anymore hackers. 0 Tolerance

What you do when an player prop kill? : I would give them a warning, then kick them if they keep prop spamming!

What if you see someone telling the ECON Password : Ban them with no hesitation.

What if you see an illegal base? : I would make them remove it, then if they do it again I would warn the player.

What if you see someone disrespecting an admin in OOC : I would mute or gag him then jail him for 60 seconds because the staff don't need that. They're there to help players.

What if you see someone using something that can be only used by admins : I would make him drop it, then if he doesn't he gets slayed.

NOTES : I would love the server so much! but this server need more addons!


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