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Nukki911 Falsely banning me

on Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:04 am
Nukki banned me earlier today for, "Lying to admin, Incouraging prop kill, trolling & afk to avoid admin sit".
Now, before we start i'd suggest you take a seat and get a cup of coffee, because you're going to love it.

To begin with, i hadn't lied to nukki once, his little friends (his party.. so a conflict of interest - but i'll let it slide) was telling him i had been incouraging people to prop kill. He couldn't provide me with any proof and continued to give me the names of players which were offline. i was adament that i hadn't incouraged anybody to propkill. during the sit i had to go afk, my boss was calling to ask me a question, so i had to go afk. i return as was like s0z i was afk and he/she told me not to lie to them. i was there for about 5 mins, then i had to go AFK yet again. this time i said i'd be a bit longer because i had to do some paperwork for an incident i had at work. Incouraging prop killing, now i wouldn't say i've done that. i have assisted players in modification of their vehicles (EG: Welding additional seats etc.) but i have never directly incouraged anybody to propkill. Trolling - please explain? i haven't trolled anybody or anything... and AFK To avoid admin sit. i told you i would be back, but by the time i got back you had banned me.

either unban me, or provide proof other than "Kohl said you said he could prop kill" in a chat message, because believe it or not, i can also type out a chat line. (Example below to aid you in understanding)
[08:31:32] Conwell Owner - Russy is amazing

Nukki, you've banned another administrator 1) without proof. you kicked me earlier in the game without a sit, and you had reasonable doubt that i'd committed the offences.

Unban me OR provide proof that i had said/done any of the above allegations and i will happily wait out my ban.
i await your response, the piece is waiting to be moved.
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